Original South Dakota Farm Houseof Halvor and Jennie Stadsklev
Jennie Stadsklev, South Dakota Farm House circa 1920
Portraits: Torleiv's Parents,
Jorgen lavsson Stadskleiv (1828-1910)
Portraits: Torleiv's Parents,
Ingebjorg Tollefsd. Klokkarstgu (1819-1900)
Self Portrait, Photo.  Torleiv Stadskleiv (1865-1946)
Ole Mortenson Beaver of Dodge County MNStanding L-R Anna (later married Torgrim Stadsklev, Halvor's brother), Bernard, Clara; Front, Ole, Oscar, Kari
Olav Stadskleiv, b. Jan.22,1891 in Bo Norway, Came to the U.S.A. in 1912.   Worked for 70 years on Bernard Beaver farm, Dodge County MN.  Torgrim Stadsklev 20+ years earlier married Anna Karine Beaver
Un-named photo from Sweden, 1963 trip
Halvor and Johanne Stadskleiv's 50th Wedding Anniversary, South Dakotak Farm, 


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