DISC, A Universal Language of Behavior

DISC… A universal language of behavior that leads to the power of self understanding, and understanding others.

It is estimated that over fifty million people have been exposed to the language as individuals and in organizations, but DISC is not yet adopted as a universal language of behavior.

Almost ninety years ago Dr. William Moulton Marston developed a language for determining and describing individual differences in people, and understanding how and why we do what we do.These emotions drive all human behavior. In his book called “Emotions Of Normal People”, He states that it takes energy to drive behavior. These four emotions provide the energy, so Marston looked at all behavior through the lens of energy.

The language for describing behavior had to be simple… a four word vocabulary, easy to learn, and OBSERVABLE. This four word vocabulary… DISC, is the basis of this language. DOMINANCE, INDUCEMENT, SUBMISSION, and COMPLIANCE. These four words represent the four primary emotions.

These are the primary emotions He described that drive our behavior:

  1. Primary emotion of DOMINANCE… The emphasis is on shaping the environment by overcoming opposition to accomplish results.
  2. Primary emotion of INDUCEMENT or Influence… The emphasis is on shaping the environment by bringing others into alliance to accomplish results.
  3. Primary emotion of SUBMISSION or steadiness… The emphasis is on cooperation with others to carry out tasks.
  4. Primary emotion of COMPLIANCE… The emphasis is on working within existing circumstances to promote quality in products or service.

These are the primary emotions that drive our behavior.

The DISC language and description of DISC behavior is the most powerful… yet simplest… explanation of what drives human behavior… of any developed in the last hundred years. Emotions are energy, It takes energy to drive behavior.

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